Arrona hands off ‘52 Chevy to son

Andrea Justice/Arizona Silver Belt Richard Arrona’s 1952 Chevy on display at Saturday’s Miami Car Show.

Dear Editor:

Back in the summer of 1962, I worked at El Rey Café in Globe, Az. My uncle Viviano and Marian Bracamonte were the owners. I was 15 years old at that time. My name is Richard Arrona. I’ll be 74 years old this year (2022).

Working at El Rey Café, I was paid $35 a week in the summer washing dishes and doing other various duties. I was determined to buy a car that summer. I saved $30 a week and only spent $5 on things  I needed, like going to the movies and buying snacks.

At the end of that summer I had enough money to buy a 1952 Chevrolet for $400. It was blue with black interior, standard transmission with a V8 cylinder. Through the course of the years I’ve painted it four times, a royal blue twice, then white and finally pearl white.

I’ve changed the interior two times, black with designs then to tan. I’ve changed the motor to a 327, then 350 and finally converting to an automatic transmission with another 350 motor. The car has been in various car shows in Arizona.

While I enjoyed my life, it has come to the time after having my 1952 Chevy for 60 years to pass it on to my oldest son Richard Arrona, Jr. It is with great pride and my wishes are for him to enjoy what I treasured all these years. He is to keep it in the family. With mixed emotions to see it go in my heart I am thankful to gift it to my son while I am still alive. I would like to thank all my family and friends for their support. I would like to especially thank my wife Char Arrona for being the backbone for everything I do. I love you, Char!

Richard Arrona