Arrest reports, May 8, 2019

Globe Police Department

Mendoza Castorena, Angel, 34, Globe — Cited and Released

Fryer, Oscar Dee, Jr., 47, Globe — Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Gilmore, Audra Alexia, 38, Globe — Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Bernal, Lonnie F., 33, Globe — Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Gohn, Matthew Dean, 55, Globe — Disorderly Conduct

Greenwall, Erick D., 39, Globe — Domestic Violence/Assault, Failure to Appear/Domestic Violence/Disorderly Conduct

Perez-Chiono, Joseph A., 21, Globe — Cited and Released for Criminal Damage/Domestic Violence

Smith, Jessica A., 29, Globe — Possession of Dangerous Drug and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Nicholson, William C., 44, Phoenix — Possession of Dangerous Drug

Perez-Chino, Joseph Anthony, 21, Globe — Domestic Violence/Disorderly Conduct

Cameron, Craig C., 45, Globe — Felony Shoplifting

Harris, Michael P., 38, Whiteriver — Criminal Trespassing

Miami Police Department

Riddle, Lonnie Chad, 50, Superior — Arrested on Valid Warrant

Van Eaton, Randy, 53, Miami — Two Active Warrants, Driving on Revoked License

Terince, Chance Williams, 35, Globe — Disorderly Conduct

Keck, Michael Ray, 62, Miami — Failure to Comply Warrant/Disorderly Conduct

Gila County Sheriff’s Office

Tyler, Steven Michael, 22, Globe — Failure to Comply Warrant/Obstructing Court Order, Failure to Appear Warrant/Passenger in Possession of Alcohol in Vehicle

Arrellin, Julian Gabriel, 42, Claypool — Domestic Violence/Assault X2, Aggravated Assault X3, Domestic Violence/Disorderly Conduct

Roberts, James Allen, 33, Globe — Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Pearce, Faustina, 32, Claypool — Failure to Appear Warrant X3/Criminal Trespass X2/Aggravated Assault

Gonzales, Damian Michael, 22, Globe — Failure to Appear Warrant/Driving Suspended

Urquidez, Abraham Franco, 41, Globe — Failure to Appear Warrant/Disorderly Conduct/Threats, Intimidation/Criminal Trespass/Failure to Pay Warrant

Marquez, Daniel Lee, 37, Mesa — Failure to Pay Warrant/Possession of Marijuana

Licano, Jonathan Lee, 41, Miami — Failure to Comply Warrant/Criminal Trespassing

Johnson, Kaylene, 34, Globe — Failure to Comply Warrant/Disorderly Conduct

Riggs, Mark Allan, 57, Claypool — Failure to Comply Warrant X2 /Disorderly Conduct, Assault

Nester, Dwayne S., 49, Globe — Failure to Comply Warrant/Extreme DUI

Rivera, Gilbert Michael, 33, Globe — Failure to Comply Warrant X4/Shoplifting/Possession of Drug Paraphernalia/Disorderly Conduct and Domestic Violence/Disorderly Conduct

Safford Police Department

Goss, Brett William, 26, Globe — Bench Warrant/Possession of Narcotic Drug for Sale/ Transportation of Narcotic Drug for Sale/Possession of Dangerous Drug for Sale Transportation of Dangerous Drug for Sale/Possession of Narcotic Drug/Possession of Dangerous Drugs, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Payson Police Department

Fields, Teelah Adele, 34, Payson — Failure to Appear Warrant/Possession of Marijuana

Department of Public Safety

Echevarria, Paul A., 41, Globe — Failure to Comply Warrant/Driving While License Suspended, Failure to Appear

Snowflake Police Department

Mitchell, Mickey Aaron Gentry, 37, Globe — Child Support Warrant