Arrest Reports June 23-29

Globe Police Department

Kozie, Cheri, 32, Peridot — failure to appear warrant for the charges of aggravated DUI with children present x2, aggravated extreme DUI with children present, endangerment-imminent death/domestic violence X2

Hudson, Vernon Jr., 29, San Carlos — aggravated assault-domestic violence, failure to appear warrant for the charge of assault with intent, disorderly conduct-fighting

Higginbotham, Cheyenne, 26, Globe — domestic violence/assault and domestic violence/disorderly conduct

Aalbregtse, Nicolas, 35, Phoenix — possession of dangerous drugs, possession of narcotic drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia, resisting arrest

Belknap, Nadine, 36, San Carlos — public consumption

Bitsue, Adrian, 44, Peridot — shoplifting

Cassadore, Shawn, 35, Peridot — child/vulnerable adult abuse

Mitchell, John, 32, Globe — DUI Super extreme, DUI extreme, DUI to the slightest

Mercer, Christopher, 34, Globe — shoplifting, third degree trespassing

Kracinski, Wendra, 42, Globe — false reporting

Belknap, Nadine, 36, San Carlos —disorderly conduct, failure to comply warrant, failure to appear warrant

Gila County Sheriff’s Office

Culler, Cristy, 42, Globe — failure to appear warrant for the charge of organized retail theft

Haught, Destry, 49, Tonto Basin — manslaughter, escape in the second degree

Pitts, Lisa, 32, Globe — failure to appear warrant X2

Garcia, Vincent, 35, Flagstaff — failure to appear for the charge of 2nd degree burglary

Loewe, Kristie, 43, Globe — parole violation

Gates, Rikki, 32, San Carlos — consuming liquor in public

Vallejos, Steven, 32, Saint Johns — disorderly conduct/domestic violence, interfering with judicial proceedings

Beck, Donald, 43, Phoenix —cultivation of marijuana, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia

Payson Area

Semenza, Mitchell, 25, Payson — possession of stolen property X2

Terborg, Joseph, 55, Payson — theft over $25,000

Jones, David, 47, Payson — threats and intimidation x4, aggravated assault x4, endangerment x4, disorderly conduct x4, disorderly conduct with a weapon, reckless driving

Long, Christopher, 21, Payson — possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, assault/domestic violence, criminal damage/domestic violence, open container

Sanchez, Brittney, 19, Tempe— possession of narcotic drug, possession of drug paraphernalia, under age drive while liquor in body

Elhmer, George, 46, Payson — aggravated DUI while suspended for DUI

Bender, Lance, 47, Payson — DUI, DUI more than .08

Madison, Diamonte, 26, Brooklyn Park MN — possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana