Arrest reports Jan. 2, 2019

Gila County Sheriff’s Office

Burnette, Leah Ann, 33, Globe — Failure to Pay Warrant/DUI

Beason, Gene Chadwick, 40, Globe — Aggravated Assault

Crawford, Katlyn Gail, 19, Globe — Use of a Narcotic Drug, Possession of a Narcotic Drug For Sale, Possession Or Use of Marijuana, Possession of Marijuana For Sale, Possession Or Use of a Dangerous Drug, Possession of a Dangerous Drug For Sale, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia And Use of a Wireless Communication in a Drug Related Transaction

Bush, Lorinda Gail 37, San Carlos — Failure to Pay Warrant/Shoplifting/Concealment, Failure to Pay

Burnette, Leah Ann 33, Globe — Failure to Pay Warrant/DUI

Reyes-Nunez, Francisco, 53, Payson — DUI

Moreno, Jamie L, 29, Payson — Threats, Disorderly Conduct X2

Globe Police Department

Contreras, Adam, 41, Globe — Criminal Littering

Goseyun, Christopher Lee, 46, Peridot — Shoplifting

Noline, Chelsie Denise, 26, Peridot — Shoplifting

Polk, Leroy, Jr., 44, San Carlos — Failure to Pay Warrant/Driving Under The Influence

Thorne, Anthony Ernest, 22, San Carlos — Failure to Appear Warrant/Shoplifting

Sign, Byron Jay, 20, San Carlos — Minor Consumption, Disorderly Conduct

Bullis, Henry, Jr., 40, Peridot — Open Container in Vehicle

Bullis, Janelle, 39, Peridot — DUI Slightest Degree, DUI .08 Or Above, DUI .15 Or Above

Delma, Darrell, 36, San Carlos — Open Container in Vehicle

Upshaw, Leola Joyce, 54, Bylas — Warrants 1) Failure to Pay/Liquor-Consume in Public, 2) Failure to Pay/3rd Degree Criminal Trespass, 3) Failure to Pay/Shoplifting-Removal of Goods, 4) Failure to Pay/3rd Degree Criminal Trespass/Property, 5) Failure to Pay/3rd Degree Criminal Trespass/Property, 6) Failure to Pay/3rd Degree Criminal Trespass/Property, 7) Failure to Pay/Liquor to Minor By Licensee, 8) Failure to Pay/Disorderly Conduct-Fighting, 9) Failure to Pay/3rd Degree Criminal Trespass/Railroad, 10) Failure to Pay/Assault-Intent/Reckless/Injure, 11) Failure to Pay/Liquor – Consume, 12) Failure to Appear/Liquor Consume in Public, 13) Failure to Pay

Campos, Gloria Ann, 25, Globe — Possession of Dangerous Drugs, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Nosie, Emmanuel, 54, Bylas — Failure to Comply Warrant/Driving Suspended, Open Container in Vehicle

Williams, Karen, 34, Pima — Aggravated DUI, DUI to The Slightest, Driving With a Revoked License, Open Container in Vehicle

Nosie, Noel, 29, Pima — Open Container in Vehicle

Ornelas, Keegan Ryan, 36, Miami — Failure to Appear Warrant/Threats, Intimidation

Haynie, Zane Michael, 24, Globe — Failure to Appear/Disorderly Conduct, Violation of Probation Warrant/Attempted Theft, Failure to Pay Warrant/Assault, Domestic Violence

Staskal, Joshua Matthew, 40, Globe — Failure to Appear Warrant/Shoplifting

Palmer-Clay, Valencia, 47, Whiteriver — Driving Suspended

Victor, Veronica, 47, San Carlos — Disorderly Conduct

Martinez, Anthony, 30, Globe — Failure to Pay Warrant/Liquor in Vehicle Driver/Passenger Consumption

Greenwall, Erick Davis, 38, Globe — Domestic Violence/Disorderly Conduct

Miami Police Department

Hagg, Evan, 32 — Warrants

Payson Police Department

Higgins, James H 39, Payson — Child Support Warrant