Arrest reports, Dec. 5, 2018

Local Areas

Swift, Harold, 37, San Carlos — failure to pay warrant X3/shoplifting-concealment, disorderly conduct-fighting, DUI liquor/drugs/vapors, assault-intent/reckless/injure

Copeland, Laverne Lyle, 38, Globe — possession of weapon by prohibited person and disorderly conduct involving a weapon

Globe Police Department

Female juvenile, 16, Claypool — driving suspended, false information to law enforcement

Marquez, Jesus Manuel, 60, Globe — consuming liquor in public

Bates, Aaron Ray 35, Globe — possession of marijuana, failure to pay warrants X2/disorderly conduct-fighting, criminal demand

Boni, Cooper James, 29, San Carlos — failure to pay warrant/disorderly conduct, false reporting to law enforcement

Redondo, Ryan Brandon, 25, Globe — driving suspended, false reporting to law enforcement

Bauer, Chelsey Nicole, 26, Globe — failure to pay warrant/theft

Hawthorne, Frank Gordon, 55, San Carlos — 3rd degree criminal trespassing, criminal littering

Pahe, Lyle Martin, 55, San Carlos — 3rd criminal trespassing, criminal littering

La Prairie, Daniel Franklin, 30 Peridot — 3rd criminal trespassing, criminal littering

Patterson, Ester Sue, 50, Peridot — 3rd criminal trespassing, criminal littering

Alvarez, Alfonzo Manuel, 35, Globe — disorderly conduct/domestic violence

Alvarez, Diana, 34, Globe — disorderly conduct/domestic violence

Cassadore, Martin Luther, 49, Peridot — disorderly conduct and threats/intimidations

Hinton, Jimmy 22, San Carlos — failure to pay warrant/3rd degree criminal trespass, liquor to a minor by licensee x3, failure to pay warrant/shoplifting x3

Ledbetter-Garcia, Briann, 24, Clifton — unlawful use of means of transportation

Gamboa, Amanda 30, Globe — possession of drug paraphernalia, driving suspended

Herrera, Brianne 39, Globe — possession of drug paraphernalia

Malhiot, Ashley, 33, Globe — shoplifting 

Other Areas

Miller, Matthew James, 28, Phoenix — failure to pay warrant x5/liquor to minor, assault, disorderly conduct, public consumption, contributing to a minor, disorderly conduct

Rainey, Joe B, 39, Ruidoso NM — disorderly conduct