Arrest reports, August 8, 2018

Local Areas:

Garcia, Vincent Jacob, 33, Globe — Failure to Pay Warrant/Shoplifting

Anaya, Jess John, 63, San Tan Valley — Disorderly Conduct

Simmons, Trisha Jilleen, 46, Miami — Failure to Pay Warrant X11/False Reporting to Law Enforcement, Issuing Bad Check, Disorderly Conduct, Shoplifting, Disorderly Conduct X4, Driving with License Suspended, Endangering Life/Health of a Minor, Failure to Pay Warrant

Howard, Steven Jerome, 32, Winkleman — Possession, Marijuana, Possession, Drug Paraphernalia

Hendy, Joseph William, 32, Star Valley — Failure to Pay Warrant/Assault/Domestic Violence

Globe Police Department:

Bullis, Henry Jr, 39, Peridot — Failure To Pay Warrant/Liquor In Vehicle

Goodman, Troy Michael, 41, Globe — Warrants X10, Failure to Appear X3/3rd Degree Criminal Trespass, Consuming Liquor in Public X2, Failure to Pay X7/Disorderly Conduct X3, Domestic Violence Intimidate/Threat/Harass with Phone, Assault, Domestic Violence Disorderly Conduct and Written Promise to Appear, Domestic Violence Disorderly Conduct, 3 Warrants/Criminal Damage X2, Assault

Astor, Mcbryan Gabriel, 53, San Carlos — Warrants X2/Failure to Comply, Driving with License Suspended, Violation, Promise to Appear/Assault Domestic Violence, DUI, Contempt Of Court, Open Container

Noriega, Aaron Michael, 34, Globe — Threats and Intimidation, Criminal Damage

Culler, Timothy E, 39, Globe, — Failure to Comply Warrant/Theft, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Promise, Lamandalynne, 37, Globe — Driving Suspended

Swann, Jonathan, 23, Globe —Failure To Appear Warrant/Driving on a Suspended License

Golden, Jimmy Roy, 37, Globe — Failure to Appear Warrant, Driving on a Suspended License

Harper, Nathan, 28, Miami — Trespassing

Ballesteros, Joseph William, III, 36, Globe — Violation of a Court Order

Tuffly, Orlando James, 30, Globe — Obstructing the Highway

Stanley, Gerald Timothy, 37, Peridot — Failure to Appear Warrants X2/Criminal Trespass

Landa, Aaron Jacob, 38, Globe — Failure to Appear Warrant/Failure to Appear/Failure to Pay Warrants, Driving Suspended X2

Case, Donalyn Lechuga, 34, San Carlos — Open Container

Jensen, Kenny Ray, 24, Globe — Open Container

Olvera-Gudino, Esperanza Dominique, 20, Globe — Failure to Appear Warrant/Possession, Dangerous Drugs X2, Misconduct Involving Weapons, Possession, Drug Paraphernalia X3, Failure to Pay Warrant/Theft And Written Promise to Appear

Willis, Rion Scott, 20, Globe — Criminal Speed, Reckless Driving

Gonzales, Christopher Michael, 45, Globe — Shoplifting

Canoles, Jeffery Glenn, 47, Globe — Possession of Dangerous Drugs, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Driving on Suspended License

Other Areas:

Connolly, Chad Allen, 44, Star Valley — Failure to Appear Warrant/Fraud

Puchi, Mario A, 27, Phoenix — Aggravated Assault X2

Durnan, Joshua Ryan, 20, Gilbert — Failure to Obey Police Commands, Reckless Driving