Arrest Logs Sept. 3-9

Payson Area

Claiborne, Darrell, 33 Payson — Possession of Vapor Releasing Substance, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Lauer, Charles, 41, Pine — Failure to Appear Warrant

Salehnia, Farhad, 39, Gilbert — Disorderly Conduct/Domestic Violence

Wagner, William, 59, Glendale — Disorderly Conduct/Domestic Violence, Public Consumption

Bravo, Johnny, 21, Payson — Criminal Driving

Rosell, Edward, 61, Payson — Bench Warrant

Valenzuela, Antoinette, 25, Mesa — Possession of Marijuana

Collins, Kenneth, 60, Payson — Aggravated DUI

Olvera, Christopher, 32, Tempe — Possession of Drug Paraphernalia X2.

Porter, Brock, 19, Payson —DUI Slightest, Minor Consumption of Alcohol, Failure to Comply Warrant

Geddes, Helen, 51, Payson — Possession of Narcotic Drug, Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Ecker, Darren, 47, Payson — Failure to Appear Warrant

Flatt, Debra, 63, Payson —Failure to Pay Warrant

Demato, Randy, 46, Queen Creek — Disorderly Conduct

Gibbons, Christopher, 23, Payson — Failure to Appear Warrant

Johnson, Rivor, 22, Payson — Possession Drug Paraphernalia, Possession Dangerous Drugs, Possession Narcotic Drug

Kizzar, William, 35, Tonto Basin –– Warrant, Violation of Court Order

Thomas, Todd, 50, Payson –– Failure to Comply Warrant
Hamilton, Shawn David, 29, Star Valley –– Assault/Domestic Violence, Disorderly Conduct/Domestic Violence, Resisting Arrest

Munn, Laurie, 58, Young –– Bench Warrant out of Gila County for Domestic Violence/Disorderly Conduct

White, Wesley, 27, Payson –– DUI to the Slightest, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Boehme, Bud, 30, Payson –– Child Support Warrant

Sheriffs Office

Thone, Ricky, 59, Globe — Failure to Appear Warrant

Romero, Alexander, 28, Globe — Assault/Domestic Violence, Disorderly Conduct, Preventing use of Telephone in Emergency

Gonzales, Brian, 41, Globe — Possession of Paraphernalia X2

Fulbright, Kimberly, 42, Claypool —Domestic Violence/Disorderly Conduct

Cunningham, Kelly, 29, Glendale — Aggravated DUI, Interlock Device Violation, second DUI in 84 months, Driving Suspended

Stanneart, Dallas, 21, Globe — Domestic Violence/Disorderly Conduct

Wills, Christopher, 31, Globe — Manslaughter

Porter, Brock, 19, Tempe — DUI, Failure to Comply Warrant, Unlawful Acts

Lopez, Steven, 28 of Globe —Child Support Warrant, Failure to Pay Warrant

Kizzar, Samantha, 33, Tonto Basin — Probation Violation Warrant

Ramos, Mark, 59, Globe — Failure to Comply Warrant

Gaudreau, Robert, 67, Globe — Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Possession of Dangerous Drugs

Flores, Justin, 19, Globe — Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

Espinoza, Joseph, 36, Safford — Failure to Comply

Leonard, Jamie Dean, 37, Globe — Failure to Appear Warrant, Possession of Dangerous Drugs, Possession of a Narcotic Drug, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Tampering with Physical Evidence

Lopez, Daniel, 28, Globe — Child Support Warrant, Post Adjudication Warrant

Maffei, Thomas, 54, Phoenix — Child Support Warrant

Roten, Laura, 32, Globe –– Disorderly Conduct/Domestic Violence

Victor, Christie, 30, Peridot –– Criminal Trespassing X3

Griffin, Cody, 25, Globe –– Aggravated Assault, Aggravated Assault/Domestic Violence, Burglary in the Second Degree

Cassadore, Martin Luther, 49, Peridot –– Criminal Trespassing X3

Curtis, Jennifer, 45, Claypool –– Failure to Comply Warrant

Curtis, William Madrid, 53, Claypool –– Domestic Violence/Disorderly Conduct with a Weapon and Misconduct involving a Weapon/Prohibited Possessor

Ramos, Robert, 53, Globe –– Bench Warrant out of Gila County for charges of Possession of Dangerous Drugs, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia X2, Possession of a Weapon by a Prohibited Possessor, Possession of Marijuana

Moses, Byron, 47, Bylas –– Failure to Appear Warrant

Department of Public Safety

Rodriguez-Loera, Marcelo, 47, Chandler — Aggravated DUI, Aggravated DUI third conviction, Aggravated DUI Driving the Wrong Way

Mariano, Mario, 33, Waterfold, NM — Driving on Revoked License

Mata, Vance, 28, Globe — Failure to Pay Warrant

Winters, Jason, 28, Claypool — Possession Drug Paraphernalia

Mata, Vance, 28, Globe — Violation of Court Order

Kizzar, Samantha, 35, Tonto Basin — Probation Violation

Juvera, Alexander, 30, Globe — Possession Drug Paraphernalia, Possession of Marijuana

Contreras, Juaquina, 50, Payson — Consuming Liquor in Public

Other Areas

Ozaena, Michael, 43, Roosevelt — Failure to Comply Warrant X2

Ayers, Joseph, 62, Phoenix — Failure to Appear Warrant

Armendariz, Teresa, 35, Claypool —Failure to Comply Warrant

Johnson, Derrick, 46, Globe — Failure to Appear WarrantX3, Bench Warrant

Globe Police Department

Echevarria, Paul, 42, Globe — Child Support Warrant

Gilmore, Michelle, 47, Miami — Shoplifting

Tucker, Raymond, 62, Globe—Failure to Pay Warrant X4

Mills, Scott, 33, Globe — Possession of Paraphernalia

Tucker, Raymond, 62, Globe — Post Adjudication Warrant X9, Shoplifting, Facilitation

Dillard, Shalet, 31, Globe — Shoplifting, Shoplifting, Possession of Narcotic Drug, Organized Retail Theft

Hawthorn, Christine, 30, San Carlos — for the charge of Domestic Violence/Assault

Beecroft, Zacariah, 28, Showlow — Disorderly Conduct

Victor, Christine, 30, Peridot — Aggravated Assault/Domestic Violence

Phillips, Shannon, 47, Globe — Failure to Comply Warrant

Anderson, Maurice, 35, Peridot — Domestic Violence, Disorderly Conduct/Domestic Violence, Criminal Damage

Garcia, Vincent,34, Flagstaff — Probation Violation

Hayes, Alicia, 19, Globe — Driving on a Suspended License

Campos, Joedy, 23, Globe — Failure to Comply Warrant X3

Monroy, Brandon, 48, Hayden — Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Deiters, Bebe, 40, Miami — Organized Retail Theft

Miami Police Department

Victor, Terry, 35, San Carlos — Failure to Appear Warrant

Ramos, Robert, 54, Globe — Prohibited Possessor, Weapons Misconduct During a Drug Offense, Possession of Dangerous Drugs, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Narcotic Drug

Singh, Daniel, 62, Miami — Failure to Comply Warrant

Casillas, Janice, 43, Globe — Failure to Pay Warrant