Arrest Logs June 4-10

Gila County Sheriff’s Office

Bunch, Olivia Becky, 45, Globe — Failure to Pay Warrant x 3/Contribute to Minor/Disorderly Conduct/Fighting/DUI/Possession of Narcotic Drug

Alvarez, Derek Christopher, 49, Mesa — Child Support Warrant.

Valenzuela, Roberto Edwardo, 38, Glendale — Child Support Warrant/Failure to Appear Warrant/Criminal Trespass in the 3rd Degree

Francisco, Michael Daniel, 37, San Carlos — Failure to Appear Warrant/Criminal Trespassing

Upshaw, Randy, 31, Springerville — Disorderly Conduct-Domestic Violence

Armenta-Patten, Nathanial Daniel, 25, Miami — Violation of Probation Warrant/Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and a Failure to Pay Warrant/Assault

Ramos, Antonia Socorro, 28, Globe — Failure to Appear Warrant/Domestic Violence/Disorderly Conduct and Domestic Violence/Criminal Damage and Domestic Violence/Criminal Damage/Domestic Violence/Threats/Domestic Violence/Disorderly Conduct/Domestic Violence/Assault/Domestic Violence/Preventing the Use of a Phone

Powell, Scott Paul, 32, Globe — Failure to Comply Warrant x 8/Driving Suspended/Disorderly Conduct/Domestic Violence/Assault/Criminal Nuisance/Harass by Communication/Disorderly Conduct/DUI/Theft/Threats

Woodard, Richard William, 32, Globe — Attempted Escape

Williamson, Jesse, 36, Payson ––Criminal Damage Domestic Violence/Disorderly Conduct Domestic Violence

Yazzie, Keenan, 24, Phoenix –– Possession of Marijuana/Possession of Drug Paraphernalia/False Info to Law Enforcement/Fugitive Warrant

Guerrero, Mario, 54, Globe –– Self Surrender

Barnett, Craig, 27, Globe –– Possession of Drug Paraphernalia/Parole Violation-Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Golden, James, 38, Globe –– Failure to Comply Warrant X2, Post Adjudication Warrant

Horta, Tanya, 33, Globe –– Disorderly Conduct

Lamb, Cherie, 21, Camp Verde –– Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Rushlow, Everett, 27, Camp Verde –– Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Failure to Appear

Creery, Dwayne, 48, Payson –– Failure to Register As a Sex Offender

Duwyenie, Ivonne, 25, Globe –– Warrant Pre Adjudication X2

Valenzuela, Robert, 38, Globe –– Resisting Arrest/Failure to Appear 2nd Degree/Child Support

Schwanbeck, Christopher, 38, Payson –– Aggravated DUI/Driving Suspended/Aggravated DUI 3rd Offense/Possession of Dangerous Drug/Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Vickers, Danielle, 34, Payson –– Burglary 2nd Degree

Joslin, Jay, 29, Young –– Failure to Appear Warrant/Failure to Comply Warrant X2/Post Adjudicated Rule

Humphrey, Gregory, 59, Casa Grande ––Trespassing

Garcia, Adrian, 39, Superior –– Failure to Appear 1st Degree, Trespassing

McMickens, Calvin, 47, Tonto Basin –– Possession of a Dangerous Drug, DUI Metabolite, Failure to Produce Evidence, Speed Greater than R & P

Salcido, Rodney, 49, Claypool –– Failure to Comply Warrant/Driving with Suspended License

Root, Matthew, 49, Payson –– Aggravated Domestic Violence

Palacios, Jaime, 35, Phoenix –– Post Adjudication Warrant X2

Warden, Thomas, 31, Globe –– Failure to Appear

Brown, Aaron, 39, San Carlos –– Post Adjudication Warrant

Bernhardt, Michael 49, Payson –– Criminal Damage

Horta, Travis-Ben, 39, Globe –– Assault Domestic Violence/Disorderly Conduct Domestic Violence

Matthews, David, 47, Payson –– Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Globe Police Department

Gamble, David Lewis, 38, Peridot — Failure to Comply Warrant/DUI-Liquor/Drugs/Vapors/Combo

Miami Police Department

Moore, Billy Jack Ronald Owen, 32, Apache Junction — Failure to Comply Warrant/Disorderly Conduct-Fighting and Assault x 2

Tucson Police Department

Battese, Amanda Marie, 41, Globe — Bench Warrant/Possession of a Narcotic Drug For Sale/Possession of a Narcotic Drug/Possession of Drug Paraphernalia/Possession of a Dangerous Drug For Sale/Transportation of a Dangerous Drug For Sale/Possession of a Dangerous Drug/Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Mesa Police Department

Goode, Montoya James, 24, Payson — Violation of Probation Warrant/Aggravated Assault

Lyons, Brandon, 34, Mesa — Bench Warrant/Unlawful Flight from Pursing Law Enforcement Vehicle/Endangerment/Aggressive Driving/Excessive Speed/Criminal Damage

Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office

Ledbetter-Garcia, Briann Wynell, 25, Globe — Child Support Warrant