Aquatic Center, part 5: The tax district

In the early months of 2016, the Cobre Valley Regional Aquatic Center (CVRAC) board worked with a couple of experts in public and tax-exempt finance to review possible funding sources to support the maintenance and operation costs of the aquatic center. The Board recognized that the City of Globe, Town of Miami, or the county areas of our communities could not support the aquatic center project as an independent entity, but the project was achievable through collaboration and a true regional effort.

Nearly every aquatic center in Arizona is supplemented with tax dollars, intergovernmental agreements, or a homeowner’s association (HOA). The CVRAC Board recognized that its first responsibility would be to protect the multi-million-dollar facility over its expected life of about 30 years through a stable and consistent funding source.

As the tax experts reviewed Arizona statutes and bills, there was not an option for municipalities and county areas to work together to form a district. A tax bill, The Revitalization Tax Bill, was modified to meet the regional needs of Globe, Miami, and the intertwined county areas to form a district. The bill was introduced into the Arizona Senate in January 2017. The bill passed in the Senate but failed in the House with reasons given that it was too powerful in the hands of large metropolitan areas.

A second bill, the Aquatics Facility Maintenance Districts (SB 1474), was introduced into the Arizona Senate in January 2018. It was written with the help of the opposition of the previous bill. The bill failed at the Senate Caucus Committee with many Senators not knowing the true plight of the pool situation in the Globe-Miami area.

The Aquatics Facility Maintenance Districts Bill will be re-introduced to the legislature in January 2019 with the effort of the CVRAC educating Arizona Senators and Representatives of the need for this facility.

The Cobre Valley Regional Aquatic Center became a 501(c)(3) organization in July 2017 and is in good standing with the Arizona Corporations Commission.

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