Apache Bow Hunters annual meeting June 19

Archery alert: Members of the Apache Bow Hunters club will gather for their annual meeting Wednesday, June 19 to elect board members to lead the club over the coming year and discuss the calendar for competition shoots and events.

It will be held Wednesday, June 19, starting at 7 p.m., at the clubhouse, located at 7096 S. Russell Rd., in Globe.

The event and shoot schedule for the year ahead should be finalized by the end of June; members are also likely to discuss cancellation of annual Red McLachlan Timber Camp Shoot, which had traditionally been held each August.

Club members who have nominations for any Apache Bow hunters board positions are encouraged to contact current board members, and also attend the meeting to make that nomination and vote.

For details, contact Apache Bow Hunters President Randy Bejarano 928-200-6644 or Shoot Chairman Byron Chase 928-701-7478.

Other current board officers include Vice President Brent Sheppard, Treasurer Moci Chase, Secretary Christina Bejarano and Range Captain Andy Greg.

Read more at apachebowhuntersaz.com;  see photos from 2019 shoots and connect with members at  facebook.com/ABHGlobe


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