Antelope Union shuts out San Carlos 59-0

The Braves achieved more in their 59-0 loss to Antelope Union on Friday Sept. 27 than they did in the game against Phoenix Christian the week before even though they didn’t score this week. In the first quarter they managed a first down that was not the product of a penalty against the other team.

They held up the Rams until that team chose to try for a field goal, which was successful, but didn’t get anywhere on their possession and punted for a long distance and again, the Brave defense was able to stop the Rams and force a turnover. 

The Braves lost possession and the Rams gained ground before Palicio Ramos caused their ball carrier to trip up. Another tackle by Mario Martinez and Colin Boni stopped them on the 42-yard line. Again, the Braves held the line, but accomplished nothing on their possession.

A pass to Mario Martinez was caught but jarred out of his hands, the Rams had the ball, and they turned the opportunity into their first touchdown with 4:09 left in the quarter.

An attempted on-side kick garnered the Braves a first and 10 on their 34.  An off-side by the Rams moved the ball to the Braves 40, still first down. Eliah Victor carried the ball far side to within 2 yards of a first down on the 43, then Braves carried the ball for a first down on the 50.

Classay tried this way and that but got nowhere, and Ramos threw a screen pass right into the hands of a Ram. First and 10 for the rams on the braves 45 and a pass brought the ball to the 31-yard line with 2:38 left in the first quarter. Antelope worked the ball down to the Braves 15 and they passed to a Ram on the21 yard line. Jaden Harney grabbed him and held on and held on until Maliki Martinez and TayAndre Wright could help. With 1:29 left in the quarter the Rams were second and 10 on the Braves 15.

The rams battled down to the 9-yard-line with 30 seconds left in the quarter. A ram then got loose on the far side and into the end zone, making the score with the extra point 17-0.

Mario Martinez returned the ball from the 20 to his own 37 yard line, which turned into a first and 15 on the 32-yard line after the false start. Martinez ran sideways and out of bounds for a loss of 6, second and 16. This got to be fourth down and 16, and the Braves punted.

The Rams took over first and 10 on their own 39, which turned into first and 10 on the 50-yard line. The Braves held them till it was fourth and four on the 44. The Rams went for it with a long pass.

Eliah Victor caught the receiver immediately but the Rams were only 12 yards from the goal line. The next play got them into the end zone. 0 - 24 with the extra point.

After the kick-off, the Braves spent downs and lost the first down by inches and the Rams took over first and 10 on the 40.

By the end of the half the Rams had scored another touchdown, and the score was 31 to zero. 

The clock was not running continuously yet as it had the week before, but the rams trampled over the goal line in the third quarter to make the score 0-44 and the clock started running continuously so that the quarter was over in close to six actual minutes, and the 4th quarter was over in 12 minutes.

This limited the score against the Braves but, more importantly, it limited their chance to score. At the end of the third quarter, the score was 0-52. Early in the 4th quarter the score, what turned out to be the final score, was 0-59.

The night was more than just the game.  It was Homecoming. The stands were full, and the Football Moms had festooned the front railing with posters dedicated to their5


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